Section V Boys' Basketball
2016-2017 Sectional Playoffs

Coaches Notes
Wrap-ups and Responsibilities
Coaches: Please make your scoreswire call ASAP, or have a program assistant make the call. The committee and scoreswire are eager to post results and make plans for your next round's game. There will be people waiting after your game for this call.


From Tournament Headquarters:

Coaches: The Tournament Committee asks you to read your handbook and understand the sections on "Game Site Supervisor's Duties" [Page 4] and "Team Prodedures: Admission to Game Sites for Players" [Page 5]

Please pay particular attention to Procedures for Payment of Fees Section and the return of unsold tickets,

Please note the rules for number of players on the bench and and number of people in the team's entourage.

To Do At Your Gamesite - TONIGHT!!
[Please complete these tasks immediately following your game.]
Headquarters asks that you do the following in the listed order:

Number Responsiblity
#1 Call Score in to Mike Doser's Scoreswire.
Coaches: Please Continue this Procedure for Every Game that is not a Sectional Final including all Semi-Finals played at the Blue Cross Arena and State Regional Play-in Games. Game results and box scores will be posted online for you at the Blue Cross Arena on Championship Weekend and Regional Championship Weekend.
The Numbers are in the Handbooks.
#2 Call Score in to Gannett Newspapers
Phones: 585-258-2400 or 800-767-7539.
#3 Call score in to your local papers and media sources.

To Do Tomorrow - WITHOUT FAIL!!
[Please complete this task for our records and for your kids.]

Make Legible copies of your scorebook pages for last night's game and mail them to statistician Jerry Sussina.

Jerry Sussina
197 Stafford Way
Rochester, NY 14626