2017-2018 Coach of the Year Balloting

Coach of the Year balloting is moved up this year. The Awards will be made at the Annual Seeding Banquet on Friday February 16th 2018.


Indicate your name when you are filling out the ballot in support of your vote.
For example: 1. Coach Klimek - Greece Arcadia
Vote for 3 coaches (all in your own class). Numbering them in order from 1-3 is an indication of the strenth of your vote with 1 being the strongest candidate and 3 being your 3rd choice.
  • Note: if you do not vote for 3 coaches, your ballot will be counted for one or two coaches as submitted.

    1. You may only vote for the coaches in YOUR class. A1 coaches can nominate only coaches in A1. This is not necessarily a league vote.
    THE VOTING DEADLINE: Thursday February 8, 2018 at Midnight.
    This is a "hard" deadline. All ballots will be dated by the time stamp on the email, and verified on the timestamp, date received, on my computer. All ballots received after midnight on 2/8/18 will not be considered.
    To be awarded the "Coach of the Year" in your classification, you must have submitted a ballot by the deadline.

    2. Rank the Top 3 coaches. [This is a "Rank-Order" Vote]

    #1 First Choice in Your Class
    #2 Second Choice in Your Class
    #3 Third Choice in Your Class

    3. Coaches if you don't vote - you are not eligible to win. (This has happened to several coaches in the recent past.)

    NOTE: We will be using my newer email for this process. Please be aware of the changes in my email for Basketball business this year: sectionvbasketball@gmail.com.
    4. All Ballots received by email must be verifiable email addresses. Sending from school or an email that I am familiar with is a best option. Your ballot email will be archived and kept as verification of your vote. Due to the higher volume of emails I receive, I will not always be able to let you know that I received your email. I will get the league chairmen updated lists of whose ballots have been recieved as I count votes. I will do this every 3-4 days once voting begins.

    Send your Email to:
    Philip Abel.

    If this email link does not work, copy: sectionvbasketball@gmail.com and paste it in your address bar for your email. Use "Coach of the Year 2018" in your Subject Line

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