Teams and Tournaments Seeking Games: 2021-2022

High School Sport Stats is providing this page to all teams for winter 2021-2022 and spring 2022. Please email me any information about what you are looking for, be brief, and I will copy and paste to this page. Be sure to include your contact information. I will post one document in support of your announcement.
Any and all contact information you wish to share about your camp must be contained on that one document.

In return for you post here on our site:, we would ask the you promote our site to your stakeholders.

Contact Philip Abel at my email address:
Thank you.

Western NY State: Section V and Section VI
1. Westfield High School Seeks Games to Complete Their Schedule
Westfield High School seeks one more Varsity game, and our JV squad needs 3 more games. We play in CCAA Div. 2 West, class D.
Please Contact Nolan Swanson - Head Coach: Westfield Basketball. Email:
2. Westfield/Brocton Girls Basketball Seeks 2 Games to Complete Their Schedule
Westfield Girls are seeking two more Varsity games, and our JV squad needs more games as well. We play in CCAA Div. 2 West, class C. Please Contact Neil Huber AD Westfield or Chris Dole Head Coach Westfield/Brocton Girls Basketball. Email:

Central NY State: Section III and Section IV
2. Watkins Glen Boys B/C Basketball Christmas Tournament 12/29 and 12/30.
1. Watkins Glen (Class C) is looking for Boys Class B/C teams for its Xmas Tourney on (Wednesday) 12/29 and (Thursday) 12/30. This is for JV and Varsity. There will also be a three point shooting contest for the Varsity. If interested contact